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Zero companies without websites!

Leave it to Monoqlo for web production!

1. It's hard to convey detailed nuances in a local Thai company.

2. Don't know anything about the web or IT, and I don't know what to do in the first place.

3. Want to make the site compatible with smart phones.

4. The design and specifications are sometimes different from what we imagined.

5. We hired a local web production company, but the project did not go as planned.

6. Maintenance and management fees for servers, domains, etc. are high.

7. Production costs are too high and we are on a tight budget.

High-quality websites

Monoqlo not only creates pages that are compatible with smartphones, but also builds multilingual websites in Thai, English, and other languages. We are also able to help companies that are worried about their lack of web knowledge.

Do you have any of these problems related to websites?

Reliable and affordable production costs

Courteous service by Japanese

Monoqlo is able to create a website that fits your budget. We build websites that meet the customer's needs, starting with the basic structure of the TOP page, company profile, product introduction, and contact information.

Our Japanese engineers will handle everything from hearing your requests to providing operational support after the site is completed. If you request detailed nuances in Japanese, our Japanese engineers will respond quickly. 

When that happens, leave it to Monoqlo!

We support you in all of this!

We have created a website, but we are not utilizing it at all, and we are not getting any inquiries..."
Websites can be utilized as "competent sales staff" depending on the method!


Redesign and responsiveness of existing site

These days, more websites are accessed from smartphones than from PCs, and approximately 70% of all websites are accessed from smartphones. However, it is a fact that many websites are not responsive (smartphone compatible), and we offer redesign services for such websites.

Site access analysis

By analyzing your website, such as which devices are accessing your site most frequently and at which times of the day, we can improve the number of accesses to your website.


Web Marketing

We also manage Google ads to increase the number of accesses and inquiries to your website.

The selection of keywords will vary depending on the target audience, so please leave this to us.

Why is Monoqlo chosen?


Low-cost production

Monoqlo can produce websites from 30,000THB. Of course, we can also build sites in multiple languages!

In addition, the maintenance fee is only 2,000 THB per month, so we recommend this service to companies that want to create websites on a low budget.

Deliver your website in as little as 7 business days!

We can deliver in as little as 7 business days after receiving a client's request. Of course, we guarantee the quality. Also, we can make revisions at any time if necessary.

More than 10 years of experience in Southeast Asia.

With over 10 years of experience in Thailand, we produce websites from a marketing perspective.

We have the know-how to attract traffic to your company's website, so you can get inquiries from your website.

Monoqlo Web Production Service
Price Plans

Price List

Web production cost 30,000THB~

*Price varies depending on the number of pages.
*Multilingualization will be charged separately.

Web maintenance and management fee 2,000THB

Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング

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Website Production Flow

The minimum turnaround time from inquiry to site launch is 7 business days.

The turnaround time may vary depending on the number of pages, requirements, and degree of revision.

​Exhibit preparation



Hearing about the purpose of the site/landing page production, target market, design direction and specifications, etc. 

・ Create an account

・ Campaign setup

・ Campaign creation

・ Creation of FAB

・ Creating a press release


Finalize specifications/design

Based on the content of the hearing, a site map and specifications, including the number of pages, are finalized.

Create a design proposal

We presented several design ideas and finalized the design direction.



Content Sharing

You are required to provide company introduction, service (product) details, and material images.


Web site opening & maintenance

General Public. It is recommended to set and operate goals such as amount of sales and number of inquiries.

We can also provide SEO and other web marketing support.

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