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​Business content

​Video production

In these days when SNS is the mainstream, video content has become indispensable. We produce various videos such as company introduction videos, employee education videos, and advertising videos.

It also supports multiple languages, and it is possible to insert subtitles and narration in English and Thai.

Since it can be saved online, it can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

Please consider video production so that many people can see it.


WEB production / EC site production / system development

The website will be the signboard of the company. It is a necessary tool as a link destination for advertisements.

We handle everything from the creation of multilingual websites to the creation of EC sites that allow online shopping.

It is also possible to develop systems such as inventory management systems.

Please feel free to contact us.

Digital marketing

In recent years, the relationship between consumers and businesses has changed significantly. Everything connects to the internet
It is no exaggeration to say that the systematic use of digital technology, such as the arrival of the IoT era and the expansion of the EC market, determines the success or failure of a company's business.
With a digital strategy centered on social media, we will solve various digital marketing management issues of companies and improve business results.



Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング

SNS marketing

Recently, the mainstream of advertising has changed to those using SNS.

There are various advertisements such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc., but the characteristics are various.

In monochrome, we will listen to your issues and propose the most effective advertisement.

I will do my best to be in charge of marketing for your company.

​ Please feel free to contact us.

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