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About Monoqlo

MONOQLO Co., Ltd. is a BOI corporation established in November 2013 in Bangkok, the center of ASEAN.
We are mainly active in market research, ITCHING business, and marketing business for local Japanese / local companies.
Nowadays, we are in an era where timely information can be obtained by searching the Internet, but the voice of the local people is still the best way to obtain truly lively information. We will do our best to provide a complex one-stop service to companies and stores that are considering expanding into the business with the keywords "survey," "production," and "operation."

Message from the President


Thank you for visiting our monochrome website.

I left Japan, a peaceful and full of things, and started a company in Bangkok, Thailand.

Today, Japan is full of goods, and while life is becoming more convenient, the number of people (markets) is decreasing, and I feel that we are definitely heading toward a mature and shrinking society.

In the IT field as well, I feel that domestic companies are shrinking as the domestic market is taken over by super-major foreign companies such as GAFA.
We are striving to open up new markets in new land and to serve as a foothold for Japanese companies to expand overseas.

The marketing industry is changing rapidly, and the SNS trends in Thailand are changing quickly.
Infrastructure and devices that can be utilized at that time, and information technology represented by AI will change in a blink of an eye.

Even if tools and devices change with changes in the social environment, it becomes difficult to understand consumer needs, and even if new marketing methods and information technologies are developed to solve them, we will continue to cherish them. I think there is.

In any situation, it closes the relationship with the customer, shares information, collects information suitable for the purpose, thinks about the optimal marketing strategy based on the analysis result obtained from the information, and thinks about it. Our belief is that we will do our utmost to achieve our unique successes and goals.

This stance and values haven't changed since I was founded.

And what we need to do is "as we change, so do we."
Past achievements are important, but I think it is also necessary to abandon them and make decisions.
In order to repeat destruction and regeneration, I would like to acquire essential data and carry out hypothesis ⇒ experiment ⇒ verification.

The result of "failure" is very important.
We will do our best to get results in any form, not just a desk theory.

We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Monoqlo Co., Ltd.

Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング

Company Profile

Company name     MONOQLO CO., LTD

Managing Director      RYOHSUKE NISHI

Address     5 Promsak Mansion, Room No. 304, 3rd Floor, Soi Promsak,  Sukhumvit 39 Road, North Klongtan, Wattana, Bangkok

Phone number     02-714-3461

TAX ID     010555618993

Capital       3 million baht

Business content

WEB production, system development, digital marketing, video production, support for entering Thailand

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