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Your "ideas" and "products"

Why don't you crowdfunding with "Makuake"?

Makuake batch management agency is left to TRUE CONSULTING & monochrome!

It is a system that raises funds from people who sympathize with their thoughts and who want to support their activities by transmitting their ideas, activities, products, and dreams through the Internet.

Not only that, but while raising money, you'll know the most realistic current market for how many people need your ideas and products.

Furthermore, in overseas crowdfunding, many designers and artists who have been active in the United States and North America for the past few years have become a global stardom after participating in crowdfunding.
Crowdfunding sites (in North America) act like "popular audition sites."

Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング

​What is crowdfunding?

Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング
Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング

Obtaining a large amount of funds

Increased awareness

Acquiring fans

The collected support amount can be freely used for opening funds, working capital, capital investment, technology development, etc.

Since tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of users visit your project page, you can expect great PR effects.

Since users who sympathize with the project gather, it is easier to connect to continuous support and repeaters compared to other methods of attracting customers.

What is Makuake?

Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング
Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング

Actual introduction

More than 30 projects have been supported since the service started.
We support a wide range of activities, from donation-type crowdfunding to stock investment-type crowdfunding.

Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング

Actual introduction

We have supported the people who run mango farms in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The vast land, mineral-rich water, and mangoes grown in the sun are exquisite.

Many Thai people are also working, and it is a project that promoted not only farm management but also employment of Thai people.

​Procurement support amount up to now for support projects

7,876,567 JPY

Why True Consulting is Selected

Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング

① Overwhelming ability to raise funds

Approximately 80% of the clients we are in charge of have achieved the target amount.

How to raise money? We have succeeded in proposing cost-effective strategies such as how to deliver.

The most important thing is the preparation before the start.

​ In that respect, we are more confident than any of our competitors.

(2) Full support content

Exhibition preparation, content production, campaign creation, campaign management

We will take care of Makuake's support such as LP creation, promotion creation & management at once!

We will also follow you in Japanese.

Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング
Monoqlo モノクロ マーケティング

③ Careful follow-up system

We will give you advice during project launch and other crowdfunding advice.

Our Service --Complete Success Reward--


​Exhibit preparation

・ Product check

・ Schedule creation

・ Platform selection

・ Setting product prices

・ Setting the target amount


Content production

・ Creating a scenario / story

・ Sentence content creation

・ Image content creation

・ Video content creation

・ Translation work




・ Create an account

・ Campaign setup

・ Campaign creation

・ Creation of FAB

・ Creating a press release




・ Page update comment added

・ Promotion measures

・ Responding to inquiries from supporters

・ Social media support

・ Promotion to attract customers (charged)


home page


・ Proposal of product image

・ Sentence content creation

・ Image content creation

・ Video content creation

・ SEO measures




・ Acquisition and creation of accounts for each social media

・ Production of sales site

・ Acquisition and production of blog accounts

・ Marketing strategy for each social media

・ Exhibiting products such as amazon and e-bay Mall

Niche No.1 Operational consulting service

About charges

[Procurement support amount] 1 to 1,000,000 yen        15%
[Procurement support amount] 1,000,001-5,000,000 yen   12%
[Procurement support amount] 5,000,001 ~          8%

Example of reward amount << When the support amount of 7,500,000 yen is obtained
150,000 yen + 480,000 yen + 200,000 yen = 830,000 yen + tax

* 1: We will edit it, but you will be required to provide the original image.
* 2: Only for the Aii in method.
* 3: In the case of Aii or Nothing method, the service will start after the start fee of 165,000 yen (tax included) is paid in advance.
* 4: There is an original preliminary examination for the use of our service.
* 5: SNS advertisements and press release distribution costs are not included.
* 6: This service does not guarantee the success of crowdfunding.
* 7: We do not accept cancellations after the service starts.

Service flow


Inquiries by form, telephone, etc., request for materials

We will contact you once within 2-3 business days.


Examination / interview

​We will conduct hearings on the products we handle and determine whether our consulting service can increase sales.


Contract & consulting service start

As soon as the contract is completed, we will analyze the contents of Seller Central and provide sales support.

​Click here to apply for free consultation

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