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MONOQLO Co., Ltd. is a BOI corporation established in November 2013 in Bangkok, the center of ASEAN.
We are mainly active in market research, WEB production, and marketing business for local Japanese / local companies.
Nowadays, we are in an era where timely information can be obtained by searching the Internet, but the voice of the local people is still the best way to obtain truly lively information. We will do our best to provide a complex one-stop service to companies and stores that are considering expanding into the business with the keywords "survey," "production," and "operation."

Business content

​We will provide products that meet the needs of our customers through thorough hearings.


​Video production

With the spread of smartphones and tablets these days, the demand for video media is rapidly increasing. We will produce videos that can be used in various business scenes according to your needs.
A video that appeals to users visually and audibly. Higher understanding than paper media, excellent penetration video, store introduction video, review video, documentary video,
We support a wide range of activities from shooting to delivery, such as hands-on interview videos. We also accept subtitles and voice narration for existing videos.


Digital Marketing

In recent years, the relationship between consumers and businesses has changed significantly. Everything connects to the internet
It is no exaggeration to say that the systematic use of digital technology, such as the arrival of the IoT era and the expansion of the EC market, determines the success or failure of a company's business.
With a digital strategy centered on social media, we will solve various digital marketing management issues of companies and improve business results.


WEB production / system development

The homepage that is the face of the company.

It's as important as a noun. It will be an important tool as a destination to guide you when you advertise something such as SNS advertisement.

We can create a website that supports multiple languages, so please feel free to contact us.

We also undertake the production of EC sites and the development of inventory management systems.


About Company

5 Promsak Mansion, Room No. 304, 3rd Floor, Soi Promsak,

Sukhumvit 39 Road, North Klongtan, Wattana, Bangkok 10110  

TEL: 02-714-3461  Tax ID: 0105556189993

Email Address:

TEL: 02-714-3461

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